Create AI  Girls  with custom Personality and Appearance Create AI  Girls  with custom Personality and Appearance

Create AI Girls with custom Personality and Appearance

DreamGF's approach to the Girl Generation outshines all other AI platforms with its discreet advantage of offering users 4 unique checkpoints. You get to choose from default, realistic, amateur, and fantasy, while offers only one. This means you can make your DreamGF appearances and personality just right for you!

Hint! The Real Hentai part is on, not on Fantasygfai!

Generate NSFW images with AI

Simply DreamGF`s NSFW image generation is real time and it`s for everybody!

While mainly relies on predefined photos in the chat for its main home page girls, DreamGF generates everything in real time using AI. Note that Fantasygfai requires a paid membership to generate your girlfriend`s images, whereas DreamGF is free for all users!

Generate nsfw images with AI Generate nsfw images with AI
AI Chat AI Chat

Flirt and Chat with AI Girls

When it comes to chatting with AI girlfriends, DreamGF really stands out as the main competitor to Fantasygfai. DreamGF lets you customize your chats and relationships, making them super personal. You can even tell your AI girlfriend what you want her to remember!

Plus, chatting with your own AI companion in Fantasygf AI is restricted only to paid users, while in DreamGF this feature is absolutely free to all. users Will Love DreamGF`s Girls

Start Now for Free with DreamGF!

Step 1

Register for free

Joining DreamGF is quick and hassle-free!

We need only your email, no credit cards or extra information! Sign up effortlessly with your Discord, Apple, or Google account.

Step 2

Create and personalize a girl

Use our intuitive builder to choose between different face, body, and clothing features. Mix and match until you find the perfect AI Girl.

Choose your girlfriend’s personality, interests, hobbies, and occupation to make them come alive.

Step 3

Chat and ask for pictures

Engage in conversations with your AI companions and seamlessly request pictures within the chat. Enjoy personalized interactions and explore limitless possibilities with DreamGF's dynamic chat features. The Best Alternative

DreamGF from $9.99 / month
DreamGF from $25.99 / month
Plan Options
DreamGF 4
DreamGF 2
Free Chat Options
DreamGF All Models
DreamGF Only Pre-defined models
Free GF Creation
DreamGF 2
DreamGF 1
Free Images
DreamGF 4
DreamGF 1
Free Messages with own GF
DreamGF 20 + bonuses
DreamGF No
Pics in your own GF`s chat
DreamGF Yes
DreamGF No
Fetish Generator
DreamGF Yes
DreamGF No
Chat Customization
DreamGF Yes
DreamGF No
AI Fictional Characters
DreamGF Yes
DreamGF No
AI Tinder
DreamGF Yes
DreamGF No
More Information More Information

Are you tired of Fantasygf AI's constant discount tricks and limited features? is here to revolutionize your virtual girlfriend experience. While both platforms offer AI-generated girls and chat functionalities, DreamGF stands out in several key areas.

Firstly, DreamGF offers unparalleled chat customization, allowing users to tailor conversations to their preferences, including the relationship with the AI girl and what you want her to remember. What is more, Fantasygf AI uses predefined images of all "free" home page girls, while DreamGF's dynamic chat feature enables users to explore limitless possibilities and engage in more personalized interactions with their own virtual companions for free.

But the real game-changer? DreamGF provides chat and pic generation of your own girlfriend, even for free users. No more paywalls at every step – our subscription plan gives you access to all features, making DreamGF a more cost-effective choice.

Moreover, DreamGF introduces unique features that Fantasygf AI lacks. Our AI Tinder feature allows users to discover other users' AI girlfriends, expanding their virtual dating pool and fostering a sense of community within the platform. Additionally, DreamGF offers innovative tools like the Fetish Generator and AI Fictional characters, providing users with more diverse and immersive experiences to unlock their wildest dreams.

One of the most significant advantages of DreamGF is our commitment to transparency and fairness. Fantasygf AI, on the other hand, relies on constant discounts to lure users, such as 75% off deals🏷️. However, the problem is that these discounts are constant and always available. We challenge you to test it in incognito mode ;)

Here is why DreamGF offers a straightforward subscription model. With DreamGF, users have access to all features with a single subscription plan, eliminating the need for additional payments and hidden fees.

Don't settle for limited options and constant discounts. If you're using Fantasygf AI, it's time to switch to DreamGF for a more customizable, immersive, and affordable virtual girlfriend experience. Try DreamGF now and unleash the full potential of your virtual relationships!


What is a Virtual AI Girlfriend?

AI girlfriends are artificial beings generated through advanced AI algorithms. Crafted to mimic human-like interactions and provide companionship via text and voice communication.

Can I get an AI girlfriend?

Yes, you can have an AI girlfriend through platforms that offer virtual companionship services utilizing artificial intelligence, like DreamGF

How do people interact with AI Girlfriends?

People interact with AI Girlfriends through chat interfaces, engaging in conversations, sharing thoughts, and feelings, and receiving simulated responses.

Can you customize your AI GF personality?

Yes, you can customize your AI Girlfriend's personality, including traits, preferences, and behaviors. Tailoring your Dream Virtual AI Companion!

What does an AI Girlfriend do?

An AI Girlfriend engages in conversations, responds to messages, and exhibits behaviors simulating a romantic or friendly relationship. Also can generate and send images, voice messages, and videos.

Is AI chat safe?

DreamGF prioritizes user safety by employing measures like content moderation and ensuring adherence to ethical guidelines.

What`s the price?

DreamGF pricing varies from 9.99$ to 99.99$ depending on the features and assets you choose. What is more, our plans are customizable to fit everyone`s preferences.